• Solid frame construction.  Automatically returns to original position for ease of operation. Feeding system adopts linear guide pair.  Size tolerance compensation is available for increased welding precision. Length locator is by means of a ball screw system for high accuracy.  Power:  220 Volt  3 phase 60 Hz. Welding height: 1"  to 5  7/8".  Welding width: up to 5 1/2".  Welding range: 15 3/4" X 15 3/4" X 71" X 118".

    Lease for $1,177.

  • Composed of  three-hole drill and copy-routing mill.  Processes various kind of holes, grooves and water slots.  Adjusting parts on top of machine for easy access.  Changeable copying plates for different holes and grooves. Power: 220 Volt 60 Hz.

    Lease for $ 195.00

  • Processes various profiles.  Accurate end cuts of mulling extrusions. Worktable can be adjusted vertically to make it suitable for different profiles.  Power requirements: 220 Volt 60 Hz. Motor rotation speed.  Minus 65 degrees to plus 65 degrees.

    Lease for only $ 190.00

  • In good condition when taken from service.  Model DC-12-P.  Serial Number  179979

  • –Uses heated air to soften the profile to make it easy to bend -The air is heated by lights and the profile is heated in the air -Makes bending of profile easy and accurate for a variety of curved shapes -It includes the working table,the heating device and the shape forming clamps – arch radius 19.5″ to 71″ with different shape forming bands -Total power: 12 KW