• Tilt function comes with built in squaring rams; five on the bottom and two on the side.  Excellent for applying tape type spacers as well as metal spacers comes with PIB installed. The vacuum holds the glass firmly in place while the spacer is applied. The air float allows the glass to freely move about without scratching the glass. The frame is made of 2" square steel tubing and has a PVC plate. Available in two sizes Please Call for Leasing Costs.
  • Fill up to 4 units at a time. Sniffer with alarm when all four units are full.  Easy to use.  Model  ZCJ03.

    Lease for $150.

  • Part No A.G.1000. 2 station with countdown timer and automatic shut off for gas. This is a brand new item to the TGS line.
  • Uses heated air to soften the profile to make it easy to bend.  The air is heated by lights and the profile is heated in the air. Makes bending of profile easy and accurate for a variety of curved shapes.  It includes the working table,the heating device and the shape forming clamps.  Arch radius  19.5″ to 71″ with different shape forming bands.  Total power: 12 KW.

    Or lease for only $499

  • Hand units designed for use on Vinyl windows and doors.  3 Models:
    1. Surface corner cleaner
    2. External Corner Cleaner
    3. Internal Corner Cleaner
    Air operated.  Hand speed control.

    Special - buy all three models for only $799.00

  • Can clean Corner Seam welding tumor on top, bottom and vertical surfaces.  By changing different formed cutters it can clean welding seam of different profiles.  It features Program control, Pneumatic drive and floating modulated pressure pulling cutter devices. Machine is suitable for different levels of profiles.  Power: 220 Volt,  3 phase, 60 Hz.  Processing width: 1 1/8" to 4.4". Processing profile height: 1 1/8" to 4  3/4"

    Leasing available at $220

  • Machine adopted Delta server and advanced LCD touch Screen.  Operating without professionals.  Operators can grasp operation and programming in a short time. Uses the worlds most advanced touch interface.  Operating screen is used for long service life.  Can clean multi-shaped welding seams, clean the up/ bottom, and the outside vertical service etc. at the same time. Can store hundreds of programs, fit for various profile processing. User friendly.  Power: 220 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase power.

    Lease for only $ 440

  • Maximum glass cutting size: 2000 mm x 2500 mm.  Minimum glass cutting size: 200 mm x 200 mm.  Cutting glass thickness: 3+0.38+3 ~ 10+3.04+10 mm.  Cutting efficiency 3 to 4 mins/ big piece.  Cutting error(Parallel) < 0.5 mm.  Diagonal error <1 mm.  Cutter life: 30000-50000 meters.  Workers: 1-2 person depending on the size of the glass.  Temperature and time heating: Adjust by operator. Pressure of pushing and breaking: Adjust by smc proportional control valve.

    Lease for only $1300.00

  • CNC Automatic Glass Cutting System

    2060 Automatic Glass cutting and loading system.  Highly integrated system which improves productivity and reduces labor and material costs.  Very automated and Intelligent us inf CNC system.  Air float to take glass in and out of cutter.  Simple to use and elegant design reduces simplified operation and management.  Low maintenance costs.  Maximum cutting size: 80" x 100".  Minimum cutting size is 4" x 4".  Cuts glass 142" x 96". Model 3624 is a larger version of this system

    Model 2620 lease for $1340

    Model 3624 lease for $1640

  • Machine was in good working condition when taken from service.  Power: 230 Volt 3 Phase.  Size: 225″long X 30″Deep  X 88″ high. Glass length: 10" to 100".  Glass height: 4" to 72".  Glass thickness: 2.16mm to 4.57mm.

    Leasing available

  • Unit is a ten spindle. Manufactured in 1993.  Located in Georgia.  Owner states it is in good working condition.

    Lease for only $ 242

  • Sale!
    Designed to take the sharpness off the edges of both sides of a piece of cut glass.  There are 2 high speed emery belts set in a V to do both edges in one pass.  Perfect machine to polish insulated glass before it is assembled and also tempered glass.  Power: 220 Volts 60 Hz.  Maximum glass size is 63" x  85".  Belt size: 82" x 3.5".

    Leasing available

  • Does Edge and corner grinding of plate glass,finishing coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time.  The flat surface after polishing is close to bright and clean degree of matrix.  Glass thickness: 3 mm to 19 mm. Minimum glass processing size: 3" x 3"

    Lease for $500

  • Designed  for straight edges or 45 degree angles on flat glass.  The round grinding, polishing and angle can be completed in a procession.  The speed can be widely adjusted by the step less regulator.  The front rails can be adjusted for a variety of glass thickness from 3mm to 19mm.  Has an automated system for gripping, lubrication, steady voltage.  Glass processing size minimum: 4" x 4".  Glass processing size maximum:  120" x  120".  Glass thickness:  3 mm to 19 mm.

    Lease for $868

  • Hand winch for raising or lowering glass and suction cups.  Two heavy duty wheels for moving the glass with ease.  Front and rear wheels to provide a stable platform.  Includes two large suction cups.

    Leasing available

  • Four wheel base.  Battery powered suction system.  Raises and lowers about seven feet.  Four cup system.

    Lease Available

  • Pole type system using shop air.  Cantilevered glass handling robot units.  Can turn left to right and also vertical to Horizontal.  Can lift up to 1100 LBS.  Also available with electric pump.

    Lease Available

  • Comes with six adjustable cups.  Will tilt and turn up and down.

    Lease Available

  • Maximum load: 880 LBS. while second ram is back to end, 550 LBS wile second ram is fully extended.  Maximum lifting height: 138″ from ground to center of suction frame.  Automatically moving speed controlled. Lifting speed by manual valve assembly. Call for more information.

    Lease Available

  • Glass and Window Trailers

    These trailers are used and in good condition.  Four trailers available.  Two built in 2004 and 2005 have not been used in last nine years.  Two built in 2003 and 2002 have not been used in last nine years.  Maximum width inside is 48" deep on each side of center.  Have toolbox in locked compartment facing out the front of the trailer.  Approximately 7' tall on the inside.  Gas springs on side doors. Replacement cost: Approximately $95,000 Priced to sell:  2004 and 2005:  only $17,600

    Financing available.

  • Sale!
    60" Vertical open top.  Stainless steel in wet area and powder coated steel in the balance. Power conveyor.  Lights in glass inspection station.  Auto stop switch on discharge conveyor. Has Low e brushes.  Heated wash tank with adjustable temperature. Fast drying of glass.

    Lease for only $645.

    2150x3000mm Horizontal Glass washing and drying machines

  • Horizontal Glass Washer

    Conveyor roller solid rubber.  Includes three pairs of Low e brushes.  Maximum glass width: 71".  Minimum glass size: 12" x 12".  Glass thickness: 1/8" to 1".  Stainless steel in all parts touching water and in upper protection panel.  Has pre-washing section.  Stainless steel water tanks are removable for easy cleaning. Comes with 2 pair of air knives for excellent drying.  Also available in 84" and 98" models.

    Lease available.

  • Sale!
    Model GPL-X1600  60" tall glass size. PLC controlled.  Heated wash tank. Drying fan equipped with air heating system for better and faster drying.  Automatic low e detector.  Power conveyor.  Lit discharge area.  Comes with two pairs of Low e brushes.  Minimum glass size 12" X 18". Glass thickness from 3 mm to 19 mm.  Stainless steel in the wet areas.  Also available in 60″,71″, 79″, 86″, and 98″ glass height.

    Regular lease for only $599.

    Sale lease for $590.00

  • New Horizontal Washers

    These quality Horizontal Washers available standard in 60″, 72″, and 80″.  Capable of washing 1/8" to 3/4" glass.  Has two pair of soft Low e brushes.  Has hot air drying system. Includes variable speed conveyor system.  Has stainless and corrosion resistant materials in wet areas.  Has heated water tank. Equipped with large blower.  Call for pricing on other sizes.

    72″ Lease for Only $745.00

    60″ Leasing available

  • Model GT02.  Consists of air motor, pressure plate, feeding pumps, glue gun, blender, proportional composition of inspection stations, and other devices. The two parts consist of base material supply system and curing agent supply system. Has adoption of synchronous linkage with adjustable booster system.  Adoption of static reciprocating tube mixer. Simple operation.  Parts that contact the fluid is made of high quality stainless steel. Runs off compressed air.  Dimensions are 43" x 37" x 71"

    Leasing Available

  • 55 Gallon Hot Melt Pumps (New)

    55 gallon hot melt pump is widely used for PUR, EVA, PIB hot melt sealant application.  Has face to face interface, intelligent operating system.  Glue capacity adopts three lights to indicate capacity available with an electronic alarm to warn of low capacity.  More specifications available on request.

    3.5 lbs per minute  Lease for $870

    6.6 lbs per minute  Lease for $1,056

  • System includes hot melt gunning pump, heated hose comes with gun and speed table.  Adjustable sealant pumping speed.  Preheat time: 30 - 60 min.  Adjustable temperature control for all for heat areas. Video available.  Aerodynamic pressure of rack is 2-4 mpa.  Hot melt capacity: 123 pounds.  Power supply: 220 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.

    Leasing available

  • Rotating table for sealing insulated glass units.  Supporting arms can be adjusted to glass size.  Large vacuum cup holds glass while sealing. Foot switch controls the lifting of glass.  Foot switch to control 0-90 degree rotating of glass.  Easy to operate and efficient to use.  Brand new machine!
  • Reduces production labor and improves efficiency.  Uses two part sealant, usually silicone.  Intelligent touch human-machine interface for simple operation and convenience.  Available in two sizes.  Maximum glass size 98" x 118" or 79" x 98" on smaller units. Glass thickness 3 mm to 12 mm.  Unit thickness 2″ or less. Working speed 16′-140′ per min.

    Lease for $1,885

  • Cold Press

    Cold Press.  Three pairs of solid rollers.  Processes width up to 60", available in 72" and 84" at additional cost.  Power: 220 Volt, 3 phase, 60 cycles.  Up to 1 9/16" thickness Glass feed speed 40"-200" per minute.  Overall dimensions 69" x 69" x 47".

    Lease for $280

  • 72″ press  ( other sizes available).  Five roll heated press.  Capable of manufacturing up to  72 x 120" units.  Variety of air spaces with one simple adjustment.  Clean and easy to operate.  Adjustable temperature control. Adjustable throughput speed. Pass through system.  Extremely low start up costs. Made for Ameracan Equipment.

    Lease for $ 396

  • Excellent for applying tape type spacers as well as metal spacers with PIB installed.  The vacuum holds the glass firmly in place while the spacer is applied.  Air float allows the glass to freely move about without scratching.  Table has seven built in squaring rams.  Frame is made of 2″ square steel tubing and has a PVC plate.  Available in two sizes and each unit includes one dispenser stand.

    Please call 855-669-9108 for leasing costs

  • Built in squaring rams: Five on the bottom and two on the side.  Comes with a spacer application stand.  Excellent for applying tape type spacers as well as metal spacers with PIB installed.  The vacuum holds the glass firmly in place while the spacer is applied.  The air float allows the glass to freely move about without scratching the glass.  The frame is made of 2″ square steel tubing and has a PVC plate. Available in two sizes. Each unit includes one dispenser stand.

    Call 855-669-9108 for leasing prices

  • Model: ZW-ll.  Control system manufactured by Siemens.  Sensor on the ruler automatically starts drive motor. Has manual and automatic system. Memory holds 2 job patterns.  Easy to operate.  Power: 220 Volts 60 Hz.  Dimensions: 150" x 47" x 75".
  • PLC automatic control, feeding positioning, bending and cutting are all completed at one time.  Automated feeding system, automated cutting system, automatic aluminum spacer bar corner.  Capable of making shapes like square, rectangle, circle, trapezoidal, arch, polygonal, etc. Everything is done on touch screen except start and stop.  Processing speed adjusts automatically based on the size. Easy to operate and program.  Power: 220 Volt 3 phase.  Minimum size: 11" X  11".  Maximum size: 80" X 80".  Spacer bar size: 1/4" to 1".
  • PLC Control system, time setting, automatic hole drilling.  Quick and easy to use.  Maximum size: 79" X 79"