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Automatic Glass Loading Machines & More


Four wheel base.
Battery powered suction system.
Raises and lowers about seven feet.
Four cup system.

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Express Glass Moving Equipment


Hand winch for raising or lowering glass and suction cups.
Two heavy duty wheels for moving the glass with ease.
Front and rear wheels to provide a stable platform.
Includes two large suction cups.

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Forklift Model glass handling system


Comes with six adjustable cups. Will tilt and turn up and down.

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Loading and Unloading Machine


Pole type system using shop air.
Cantilevered glass handling robot units.
Can turn left to right and also vertical to Horizontal.
Can lift up to 1100 LBS.
Also available with electric pump.

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Material Handling Mobile Equipment


Maximum load: 880 LBS. while second ram is back to end, 550 LBS wile second ram is fully extended.
Maximum lifting height: 138″ from ground to center of suction frame.
Automatically moving speed controlled.
Lifting speed by manual valve assembly.

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