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CNC Automatic Glass Cutting System

$63,250.00 – $78,200.00

2060 Automatic Glass cutting and loading system.  Highly integrated system which improves productivity and reduces labor and material costs.  Very automated and Intelligent us inf CNC system.  Air float to take glass in and out of cutter.  Simple to use and elegant design reduces simplified operation and management.

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Maximum cutting size: 80″ x 100″.
  • Minimum cutting size is 4″ x 4″.  Cuts glass 142″ x 96″.

Model 2620 lease for $1340

Model 3624 lease for $1640 (larger version of this system)

Laminated Glass Cutting Machine


  • Maximum glass cutting size: 2000 mm x 2500 mm.
  • Minimum glass cutting size: 200 mm x 200 mm.
  • Cutting glass thickness: 3+0.38+3 ~ 10+3.04+10 mm.
  • Cutting efficiency 3 to 4 mins/ big piece.
  • Cutting error(Parallel) < 0.5 mm.
  • Diagonal error <1 mm.
  • Cutter life: 30000-50000 meters.
  • Workers: 1-2 person depending on the size of the glass.
  • Temperature and time heating: Adjust by operator.
  • Pressure of pushing and breaking: Adjust by smc proportional control valve.

Lease for only $1300.00

New Air Float and Vacuum Application Table

$9,975.00 – $15,875.00

Tilt function comes with built in squaring rams; five on the bottom and two on the side. Excellent for applying tape type spacers as well as metal spacers comes with PIB installed. The vacuum holds the glass firmly in place while the spacer is applied. The air float allows the glass to freely move about without scratching the glass. The frame is made of 2″ square steel tubing and has a PVC plate.

Available in two sizes

Please Call for Leasing Costs.

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